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Adinton Attribution Models

If you acces to any attribution report in Adinton,  you will see 3 different visions of your company data:

Last Click Data Driven
(Smart Value)
Data Driven Across Time
(Smart Value AT)
Conversion Smart Conversion Smart Conversion AT
Revenue Smart Revenue Smart Revenue AT
ROI Smart ROI Smart ROI AT

Last click Attribution:

Representing the channel that closed the deal. So it means that you will receive the conversion/revenue coming from the closer source and the moment in which you received the conversion.

Data Driven Attribution (Smart Value):

This value is calculated by Adinton algorithms based on several factors (Page Views, micro conversions, session time, revenue, conversions, and more…). At difference of last click model it will assign de conversion & Revenue within the different touches and dates in which user interacted with your web and ads

Data Driven Attribution – Across Time (Smart Value AT ):

It´s almost the same calculation of Smart Vale, the only difference it´s that with AT, you will move the conversion and revenue value to the conversion date.

Note: These are only representative values (Adinton Alghotithm will calculate them in your account depending several factors)

So, now that you know what it’s the difference between each view, then you can make decisions based on your business requirements =D

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