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Adinton First Party Tracker

Why install First Party Tracker instead of 3rd party tracker?

First-party cookies are created by the host domain or set by any javascript loaded on the website, instead of third-party cookie can be set by third-party server such as adserver or via code loaded on the publisher’s website.

In response to the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) safari prevented third-party cookies from passing along user’s data. Firefox just starts it too, and Chrome was announced the intention to block it soon.

How to install First Party Adinton Tracker

Log in Adinton and go to Settings > First Party Tracker as below:

First Party Tracker screen configuration
In this example you can see a3nuy.adinton.com but you must go to your own settings to know the subdomain you have to use

There’re some tasks you have to do before install Adinton 1st Party Tracker:

  • This setup screen is showing you the subdomain you have to create. You have to consider if you want to tracker more than one domain. Then you will have to create same subdomain for every single domain.
  • Then you have to add an A record in your DNS Manager with the following value:
  • Notify to tech@adinton.com when you’ve finished the two tasks above.
  • Then when tech@adinton.com gives you green light, then copy and paste the snippet Tracker Code inside the <head> tag.
    And then starts the magic!

Any questions? Please let us know to tech@adinton.com

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