Adinton Tags/Pixels

Personalizing Tags: 


Install you Tags with Google Tag Manager – Video tutorial

For adding our pixels just is required click on the user button, select “tags information” and you will have access to our tags.

These tags should be posted on your web. It would be simple if you use google tag manager.

  1. This is the tracker tag and should be added in all your web pages as it will follow any action taken in your web.
  2. This tag can be used to track conversion and micro conversions and should be added in the thank you page of this conversion or micro conversion. You can also customize this tag, adding or deleting additional values based on your needs
  3. This tag would be used only in the case you want to measure the viewability of your banners and should be added in the html5 of your banner, after the body.¡

If you want to see basic samples for customizing pixels, please watch our video tutorial in this page or if you require more information about adding your pixels in Google Tag Manager, just type “Add your pixel” in the help bar and then you will find an step by step article.

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