Attribution Reports


This report does contain everything; The real value of each traffic source, the assistance between them to convert, the conversions distribution, which channel is generating new or recurrent customers, impressions, and more.


You will have this information available at level you require it.



1. Report Filter: These are personalized filters that allow you to see just what you need clicking on them, Measuring; Engagement, Business, Attribution or Impressions

2. Country Filter: Use this menu if you want to see the information by country

3. Customers Graph: In this graphic you will be able to see which source is generating new or recurrent customers

4. Conversions Graph: You can see in one single screen how your conversions are distributed by source


1. Filter: Just type what you are looking for to filter in the table

2. Show: Customize the number of rows you would like to see (It´s important use this feature when you have a big number of traffic sources)

3. Download: Just click any of these buttons to download this table in Excel or PDF.

4. Customize: Click on this button to Show or Hide those columns you want to see.

5. Smart Conversions vs Conversions:

  • Smart conversions: This value does reflect the attributed conversions based on the customer journeys
  • Conversions: This value does reflect the last click value

It´s important compare both as here you will see the «Real Value» of your traffic sources as the attributed conversion considers Clicks, Page views, Bonus rate, micro conversions, basket value, distance between clicks, assistance between channels,…

6. Smart Revenue vs Revenue:

  • Smart Revenue: This value reflects the attributed Amount  based on the customer journeys
  • Revenue: This value reflects the amount generated based in last click model.

7. Assisted & Assisting Conversions:

Just is required click on the «Page icon» to open the assisted and assisting conversion and see how your traffic sources works with other channels.

  • Assisted Conversions: Number of conversions in which a different source help to this channel to convert
  • Assisting Conversions: Number of conversions this source help to other traffic sources to convert


Additional to these values, you can get even more information; Page views, Impressions, Clicks, Micro conversions,… Just is required click on the «Customize button» and add or remove the values you need in your report:

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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