Audit conversiones/micro conversions + Common Tag issues

Once you have installed Adinton Tags with your web, it’s important to ensure that everything is going as expected. For this reason, this guide will try to guide you in order to audit your Tags Integration.

Please follow next steps:

  1. Get your IP (You can use any of these webs to get this IP : Link1Link2)
  2. Access to Adinton > Attribution > Tracing > Select today > Indicate your IP addreess and click on filter.
    • Get this report open as refreshing this page you will track every action you take on your web
  3. Open your web site > Open the page inspector (Command: Control+Shift+I) > Click on console menu. Here you will be able to see if Adinton tags are being launched
  4. Start testing on your web and monitor Adinton tracing (Step 2) to see if Adinton is catching everything

Most common issues and solutions:

Issue: I’m not receiving clicks perhaps I installed Adinton tags:

  • Solution: Go to Adinton > Attribution > Accounts > Click on pencil icon
    • Ensure that your domain is accurately added
    • Ensure the slug is accuretely included in the installed tag

Issue: Im not receiving conversions or micro conversions accurately:

  • Solutions:
    • Open your web site > Open the page inspector (Command: Control+Shift+I) > Click on network menu > Click on XHR Menu. Here you will be able to see the detail per Adinton event.
    • Make a conversion and follow in the inspector and Adinton tracing to see the conversions results
    • if in XHR menu you don’t see a «setConversion» value of Adinton, it means there is not conversion tag here and you should install it
    • If you see «setConversion» Click on it and take into consideration next points:
  • Common reasons to do not receive events:
    • Pixel was not installed
    • Tracker pixel is not being launched before the event/conversion tag
    • The transaction ID already exist: Null, undefined, not set or duplicated transaction id are being blocked by Adinton as it detects you duplicate conversions

If you are using google tag manager, please make sure you follow the steps indicated in next video tutorial

If you still having issues, please contact us to

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