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Autotagging Googleads templates

When you connect your Googleads to Adinton you are accepting that Adinton Bot will change the templates of all active campaigns of the selected googleads account. 

Adinton Bot knows for each campaign if it is search, display, DSA or shopping, so it ensure they have the corresponding UTM code:

  • Group 1: Search & Display:
  • Group 2: Shooping
    And add this custom parameter:
     {_term} = Gshopping-{product_partition_id}
  • Group 3: DSA
  • Group 4: Only Display

You should know that Adinton Bot only works at night once a day, so if yoy connect your Googleads account on Monday you will see these template changes on Tuesday.

You can enable/disable autotagging service from Account Settings > Adinton Rules > Autottaging Campaigns selector as you can see below:

Any questions? tell us at tech@adinton.com. 😉

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