Basic Reports


This report shows you how those journeys that end in conversion and participates in the funnel process.

This information is available at different levels: Medium, Sources, Campaigns, Terms, Devices & Os.

1. Basic Chart: It shows you in a visual way where conversions initiates, which are the influencers, where clicks end, and which channels does require 1 single step to convert.

2. Filter: Just type what you are looking for to filter in the table

3. Show: Customize the number of rows you would like to see in the screen (It´s important use this feature when you have a big number of traffic sources)

4. Download: Just click any of these buttons to download this table in Excel or PDF.

5. Customize: Click on this button to Show or Hide those columns you want to see

6. Report: There are 4 main values you should know to understand and use this information:

    • Starter clicks: Clicks that initiate a journey and have ended in conversions.
    • Middle clicks: Clicks located in the middle of the customer journey. We normally call them influencers as in most of the cases here is where users spent more time before to convert.
    • Finisher clicks: Clicks that have closed the conversion.
    • One click conversion: Clicks that do not require assistance and go directly to convert

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions, you can access to our Common questions.

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