Campaigns Creator


With this tool you will be able create powerful campaigns with more than 24.000 keywords in just 5 minutes. This is important because your campaigns will make sense with the Ad groups, the Ad groups will make sense with the keywords and the keywords will create dynamic Ad text that take in account all the keywords. So once created you will be able to download a CSV to import in Adwords or Bing.

1. Filter: add the values you would like to filter

2. Create Campaigns: Click on this button to create a new campaign

3. Campaigns: View those campaigns created, modify them or just download the CSV for Adwords & Bing

Create Campaigns

1. Add the Name of your new campaign

2. Use these 3 columns to add those keywords you would like to include in your campaigns

3. Use these drop dawn menu options to:

  • Mix columns or keep ordering
  • Chose a campaign column
  • Chose an ad group column

4. Add your costs

5. Select the option that fits better with your needs.

6. Click to this button to create your Add tex

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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