Click Fraud


This tool has been created to protect your budget from these malicious clicks or bots clicking on your advertisements. Adinton does detect them by the Device ID or Fingerprint.

1. Dashboard: Get a general overview of all your clicks.

Adinton will classify these clicks as:

  • Trust: Clicks with a normal behavior
  • Quarantine: Clicks with bot behavior. Adinton does recommend check these clicks and block or release them as trustable based in your considerations
  • Blocked:  Clicks blocked by you. Adinton blocks these IP addresses from your attribution reports

Note: If one of our customers in Adinton does mark an IP Address as Blocked, by default Adinton will take the same action to all our customers and Adinton will eliminate these clicks from your attribution report

2. Reporting: Get a report of all those clicks by IP Address, Journey ID or UA Expanded

  1. Filter: Just type what you are looking for to filter in the table
  2. Show: Customize the number of rows you would like to see in the screen (It´s important use this feature when you have a big number of traffic sources)
  3. Download: Just click any of these buttons to download this table in Excel or PDF
  4. Customize: Click on this button to Show or Hide those columns you want to see.
  5. IP Address – Detail: Click any IP address to access in a detailed report for the clicks assigned to this address
  6. Sources: Indicates the source where clicks come from
  7. Fraud detect Buttons: Mark to Block or Trust the IP addresses accordingly

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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