Set up Guide

In this guide you will find step by step what you need to do for getting Adinton working for you. Please click on each topic to get additional details:

Required Steps:

1. Create your Account: 

Access in the link provided by your account manager and fill the required data. Once completed you will receive and email to activate your account > Click on activate

2. Connect Google and Facebook Ads with Adinton: 

Connecting your Ads platform, will allow to Adinton to Auto import cost and tag your campaigns and it translates into high quality insights in your attribution reports. Click here to learn how…

3. Set Up your goals

Let Adinton know your goals for optimization suggestions:

  1. Click on Settings button ⚙
  2. Click on Account set up
  3. Update the fields with your goals:
    1. Google & Facebook ads Budget: Indicate your monthly budget for each platform
    2. CPA: How much you are paying on average for a client in the last 30 days
    3. CPA MAX: What is the maximum value you will be ok to paid to acquire a client
    4. CPC: What is your current average cost per click?
    5. CPC Max: What is the max value you paid for a click
    6. ROAS: What is your goal ROAS
    7. Profit margin: If you know your margin, just add into this field
    8. Time inactivity: Recommended 10-15 is how longe you want to keep open the users session
  4. Once added you goals, click next > next > Submit

4. Install Adinton Tags:

To track all the customer journeys in your web is required add our tracking & conversion codes. The are 3 ways for installing our codes

  1. Install and connect: Connect using our plugins for Magento 1 & 2, Prestashop 1.7, Shopify, Woocommerce & Bigcommerce
  2. Google tag manager: Personalize your tags and install them directly to GTM
  3. Directly in code: Personalize your tags and install them directly in your web code

Customize your data:

5. Add your Payment gateways:

It’s important indicate to Adinton the domains of your payment gate ways in order to avoid give the value of any conversion to these referrers.  Click here to learn how…

6. How to add costs to your sources:

Indicate to Adinton the cost of your different traffic sources. It’s is easy and it will give you great insights specially in Attribution > Optimization report.  Click here to learn how…

7. Customize your Referral Soruces

If work with different sources or affiliates where you can’t tag adds, this solution is for your as you can indicate their domains to Adinton and how you want Adinton classify them into your reports. Click here to see one example…

  1. Click on Referrers menu
  2. Click on «New Referrer» button
  3. Add the Domain were clicks come from
  4. Indicate how you want to classify those clicks
  5. Click on Create

8. Track Additional domains or create a new account:

This step is useful when you have more than one domain for a company or also you can create a new account to track different domains that correspond to another company.  Click here get more details…

Please contact to your account manager, in case you would like to include additional companies into your account.

If you have more doubts access to Q&A section.

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