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Connect to Google & Facebook Ads 📈

Here you will learn how to connect Google & Facebook Ads with Adinton, start importing costs and auto tag Google ads campaigns

1. Connect your accounts

Get connected with Adinton is really simple just si requiredclick on ⚙ and select «Connect to»

On this section:

  1. Click on Connect to Google or Facebook
  2. Access to the user you would like to connect
  3. Accept permissions
  4. Select in Adinton the google or facebook account you want to connect

Really easy, isn’t it? 😉

2. Auto Import Costs

Cost setup screen

Once connected Google and facebook is required to check if you accounts are importing cost, for it, just is required:

Go to «Cost» (Button on the Left bar) and ensure the Cost button is activated

3. Auto Tag Google Ads campaigns:

To track any detail at keyword. producto or campaign level from adwords, is required Adinton sent automatic tags to google adwords. To activate this feature just is required:

  1. Click on ⚙
  2. Select «Settings»
  3. Click on «Adinton Rules»
  4. Activate «only» the  «Autotagging Campaigns» button and click on next
  5. On the next screen click on submit

And that’s all, with this, Adinton will launch it’s tags to your google campaigns and get any detail tracked! 

4. Manual tagging for Facebook Ads:

Click on the next link to get full details about Tag Facebook and Instagram capaings.

Note: This step is basic if you require auto import cost into all your campaigns

Please feel free to contact with us in case you may require further information

Regards! 👋

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