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Account Set UP

Once you have created your account with Adinton, It´s really important access to the Account Set Up section to confirm your UTM´s, your Goals, Activate the auto bidding rules (Only if is required) and Get access to our tags for tracking visits and conversions

Step #1:

Adinton works with the same utms of Google Analytics. Adinton are going to save your data in exactly the same how you are saving in GA, with exactly the same Publishers and Traffic Source.

Instead GA, you’re working with Omniture, Piwik,… you just have to change every field for the correspondent variable. For exemple, if you’re working with piwik in utm_term you have to use: pk_kwd.

In this way your just working once, you duplicate the result in GA or Piwik and Adinton


Step #2:

Tell which are your goals. With this information, Adinton will be able to optimize you online campaigns.

IMPORTANT: You should ensure that all your data is accurately assigned before clicking on next as these goals will be used by Adinton to achieve your goals and once completed, click on next…


Step #3:

Now in the rules section, you can active the rules you require for your business. Once you select the rules you need, then click on submit to initiate auto optimize your campaigns with Adinton…

IMPORTANT: Please do not activate your rules until you have completed the step 5 of our Setup Guide


Then click on «Submit» to finish this process.

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions, you can access to our Common questions.

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