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Creating Audiences Based on Email Information

Before starting, you need to have the below two requirements to user this feature:

  1. Connect Google or/and Facebook Ads account with Adinton.
  2. Sent the email information in any of the Adinton Tags (Tracking, Conversion or Micro conversion tag)

To create a predictive sales audiences directly in Google or Facebook Ads using the emails, just is required follow the next steps

  1. Access to Adinton > Audiences > Click on “+Audience”
  2. Select “Lead Scoring” in the Audience manager section

a. Select the platform where you want to send the audience (Google or Facebook Ads)

b. Name your Audience

c. Select the data range (Based on your business needs)

d. Add “24”, it ensures your audiences are being updated on daily basis

e. Select the category you want to add in this audience

f. Select “Yes”

g. Click on “Create Audience”


And that’s it, with this configuration you will get Adinton filling your audiences every day in Google and Facebook Ads uploading the emails (It may take 24-48hrs to Google or Facebook ads on creating this audience, please be patient)


Please feel free to review more of our help material for any doubt or consult or if it does solve your question does not hesitate to reach us at hello@adinton.com

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