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Creating Audiences with Custom Dimensions

To create audiences based in custom dimension, just is required follow the next process:

1. Creating a Category in Google Analytics

  1. Access to Google Analytics > Settings icon “⚙ “
  2. Click on Custom Dimensions (Definiciones personalizadas)
  3. Click on «+ New Custom Dimension”

I. Name your CD

II. Select “User”

III. Ensure check box is Activated

IV. Click on “create”

V. In the next page just click on next (No more action required on this)

         4. Once created the category, keep in mind the “index number” (Número Índice) of this category

2. Connecting Adinton Audiences with Google Analytics:

  1. Access to Adinton > Audiences > “+Audience” > Audience set up
  2. Turn on the custom dimension button
  3. Indicate the UA – Analytics code to Adinton (Analytics > Click on your account name left & up
  4. Indicate the Index of the category created in Google Analytics
  5. Click on Save

3. Creating Audiences

  1. Access to Google Analytics > Settings icon “⚙ “
  2. Click on Custom Audiences > Audiences (Definiciones de la audiencia > Audiencia)
  3. Click on + New Audience

I. Click on “Create” button

II. Select “Conditions” from Advanced settings

III. Select “Users”

IV. In the action event search the category created, in this sample is “Adinton CD”

V. Indicate the searched value “a”, “b” , “c” , “d” , “e” or “f” (It would depend of the audience you want to create as you can create as many audiences as you may need)

VI. Click on Apply

VII. Select the Affiliation time desired (It depends of your business and your average conversion type)

VIII. Name the audience

IX. Click on next step

X. Select the google ads account/s where you would like to send this audience

XI. Click on “Publish”

Note: To see your audience in Google Ads, just access to google Ads > Tools and settings > Audience manager > Search your audience (It may take 24-48 hrs to Google on creating this audience, please be patient)

And that’s it, with this configuration you will get Adinton filling your audiences in real time allowing you follow those users through google Ads.


The type of campaigns, product or content will depend of you, but you have the certain of what type of users you are contacting =)


Please feel free to review more of our help material for any doubt or consult or if it does solve your question does not hesitate to reach us at hello@adinton.com

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