In this page you will be able to see a summary of all the activity in you web Site. It´s also possible filter based on your preferences:

1. Range date > 2. Web site > 3. Source

4. CPA > ROI > Budget: With these 3 boxes you will be able to control the Auto bidding portion as just is required set up in Adinton your CPA, ROI & Budget.

Once you connect your account with Adwords, indicates your goals, & activate the Auto Bidding Rules, Adinton will show you how is being used your budget, the cost and the ROI generated.

5. Revenue > Conversions > Clicks: In this are Adinton will you in real time the behavior of these 3 important values.

6. New customers: Adinton saves in its data base when a customer convert in your web site so if Adinton does not have in its data base a user that converts, Adinton classify it as New customer

7. Recurrent customers: If Adinton does detect a user in its data base generates a new conversion, Adinton classify it as Recurrent customer.


Adinton can estimate the values you can be achieving by the end of the month based on your real-time activity. Please look of the Cost, Clicks, Conversions, Basket Value & ROI.

Please look of our Adinton Reports that will add value to your experience with our tool. If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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