Funnel Reports


This report will show the funnel of your conversion process and micro conversion Values at the level you require it.

Please keep in mind that you can personalize and create as many micro conversions as you business requires, just is required add our micro conversion tag in your web to track them (Add to card, Download newsletter, Subscribe, Register, Booking,…

Graphic & Report:

1. Country Filter: Use this menu if you want to see the information by country

2. Funnel Graph: It shows you the correlation between the number of clicks vs the number of micro conversions and conversions and represents your sales funnel per channel.

3. Filter: Just type what you are looking for to filter in the table

4. Download: Just click any of these buttons to download this table in Excel or PDF.

5. Customize: Click on this button to Show or Hide those columns you want to see.

6. Micro conversion values: Here you will see the number of micro conversion you receive in your web site. The name of each one can be personalized in base of your needs.

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