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Google Data Studio Integration Support

Google Data Studio allows you to create custom dashboards and reports for data visualization. Using Adinton’s integration with Google Data Studio, you can use the content of your Adinton data reports to infuse your custom dashboard with your own data.

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Getting started

Only one Adinton connector is available for sending your data at the moment. Use the link below to navigate directly to it within Google Data Studio’s gallery:
The Adinton Connector shows summary data grouped by various metrics.

The Adinton connectors can provide the following fields as «Group By» categories within Google Data Studio:

– Medium
– Source
– Campaign
– Term
– Device
– O.S.

Adding Your Adinton Data to Google Data Studio

After selecting the connector as described in the previous section, follow the steps below to customize your report.

0.- If Google Data Studio asks for your Adinton API Token, you’ll find it here:

1.- Select Authorize to implement the use of this Community Connector for both Adinton and Google Data Studio. 

2.- You’ll reach a screen where you can configure your custom report. Select your Account from the dropdown. Configure the other fields as they are listed for your chosen connector to begin the setup of your report.

3.- After you’ve set your dimensions in Data Studio to your personal preferences, click Connect at the top of the page

4.- You’ll be taken to a page where you can add additional configurations for your report. Click Add to Report when you’re ready to finish your report setup.

5.- Click Create Report at the top of the page when finished.

6.- You’ll be redirected to a new screen where your report will be built. Click Add to Report to add your data source.

7.- Customize your report by choosing the graphs, colors, layout, and themes you’d like to apply to your report. 

8.- When finished, click View at the top of the page to see your report. 

Unlinking Google Data Studio from Adinton

If you’d like to remove Adinton’s access to Google Data Studio, you can do so from your Google account management settings.

1.- Log into the Google Data Studio account you’d like to unlink from Adinton.

2.- Select your account drop-down at the top of the page, then click Manage Account.

3.- In the Sign-in & security tab, click Connected apps & sites.

4.- Click Manage Apps in the box that lists each app connected to your account.

5.- Click on Adinton Data Connector, then select Remove


How do I manage Google Data Studio for multiple companies?

The Google Data Studio integration is configured at the user-level within your Adinton account. If you need to manage separate Google Data Studio integrations for different companies in your Adinton account, you will need to create a separate user for each company with a unique Google account for each integration. We recommend creating a dedicated Google account for each client you’re managing. Once you’ve created separate Google accounts and users, you can follow the instructions in this help article to authorize the connection of Google Data Studio for each user.

Can I use the Google Data Studio integration on my white label account?

At this time, Google Data Studio isn’t available for white-labeled accounts. 


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