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How can i set up a micro conversion code?

It’s really easy 🙂

Let´s see a sample:

If you would like to count as microconversion when the users is Subscribing to your Newsletter, then the micro conversion code should be:

Microconversion = 1

Conversion_type = Name of the microconversion («Subscription»)

*Email: if we want to save the email, you should «paint» your variable email replacing «$email»

<script type="text/javascript">
        _adn.push(['_cparams', {"conversion_type":"Subscription","microconversion":"1","email":"$email"} ]);
        adn_mconv=true;	adn_cfimg=0; function adnConversionFunction() { if (typeof adnConv=='function') adnConv();
        else{ var re=new RegExp("adsmkt_"+_adn[0][1]+"=([^;]+)"); var value=re.exec(document.cookie);
        cName=(value!=null)?unescape(value[1]):"";if(cName==""){var tracker_adinton=new Image();
        +_adn[0][1]+"/?extra="+JSON.stringify(_adn[1][1]);adn_cfimg=1;}}} adnConversionFunction();

You can take the same action with any micro conversion you would like to track with Adinton (Add to cart, Download Newsletter, Register…).

Please visit our Funnel Report video Material, it can help you to personalize your microconversions.

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