How to import your costs in Adinton

Adinton can use your costs to Administrate the auto bidding portion, Calculate the CPA and ROI & Prose you new costs with its optimization reports. Just is required click on Costs in the Set-Up section for accessing in this feature.

There are 3 main ways to import your cost:

A) Connect with google and facebook Ads

B) Import manually (One by one)

C) Import with a file (Bulk Method)

A) Connect with Adwords

For connecting your cost with Adwords, just is required click on the activation button to turn on this feature. Once you click on this button you should select the Adwords account that you want to connect and that´s all. Adinton will auto import your costs from Adwords.

B) Import Manually

Once Adinton detects your «Sources» using the utm_source, then you would be able to see the below list in your cost section.

  1. Find the source you want to add a cost
  2. Select on «€» icon

3. Select «New Cost»

cost3   4. Add manually the cost:

There are 3 ways to import manual costs:

  1. CPC: Add the average cost per click you paid on this source (Cost will be calculated with the cost received in Adinton from this sources)
  2. CPA: Add the average cost per action you paid on this source (Adinton will calculate it based on last click attribution model)
  3. Sponsorship (Most used): Add the daily cost of this source


C) Import with a file

1. You should download Adinton´s cost import template.

2. Insert your costs in this file

Please find below a sample:

3. Browse and select xls file where you added costs. Once completed this action, then you should click «Upload» to complete this action.

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions, you can access to our Common questions.

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