Tracking Google Ads Campaigns with Adinton

For checking or uploading the utm’s to your Google Ads campaigns in a very fast an easy way, we recommend use Google Ads Editor.

1. Access to Google Ads Editor (If you don’t have it, click here to download it)

2. Once in Editor, donwload the last information from your campaings

3. Open the account you want to review

4. Filter all your active campaings

5. On the table, search the column «Tracking Tags» and «Campaing Type»

4- Select your campaigns per campaign groups and ensure they have the corresponding UTM code:

  • Group 1: Search & Display


  • Group 2: Shooping


+ Add as custom parameter:  {_term} = Gshopping-{product_partition_id}

  • Group 3: DSA


  • Group 4: Only Display


Note: you see any utm like – utm_software Adinton it means that this tag was launched by Adinton, you can remove or not this specific parameter. If you see in the tags, two times the value «&utm_medium=cpc» it is to avoid this tags is broken by google gclid

5. Once updated your campaigns, just click on «Publish» and complete this step.

By adding this to your url, Adinton will be able to track the medium, the source, the campaign ID, the keyword or placement as well as the match type of the keyword.

Don´t worry if you are using Google Analytics because the custom utm «gclid» from Google Adwords won’t be affected. Just make sure you don’t have selected the following box:

Google Analytics > Admin > Property > Setting propieties > Advanced Settings > Unselect the box.  (ES: Google Analytics > Administrar ⚙ > Menú Propiedad > Configuración de la propiedad > Configuración avanzada)


Please contact your Account Manager if you already have a tracking template or other kind of utm already implemented on your tracking template.

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