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Increase the number of New Customers

We can find in our Keywords that some of them are generating more conversiones than others. But we don’t know how much of these conversions are coming from recurring customers or new customers.

With Adinton we have this kind of information. So we can create a Bid Rule where increase the CPC of those keywords that are generating New Customers and the average positions isn’t good enough.

We are going to create a rule with:

  1. Daily Execution. Every 24h the rule are going to be trigger.
  2. The rule are going to analyze yesterday data.

And the conditions:

  1. We are going to detect which keywords are generating new business
  2. The average position is not good enough (worse than 1.5).
  3. The impression Share is not good enough (worse than 80%).

If you want copy/paste: NewCustomers_Keywords_Adinton>0 AND AvgPosition_Keywords_Search_Adwords>1.5 ANDSearchImpressionShare_Keywords_Search_Adwords<80



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