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Optimization Dashboard. How to take advantage of attribution data

Optimization Reports are reports where you can analyze deeper the performance of your different Sources, Campaigns or Terms.


You see blue boxes, each blue box are different types of reports.

If you click on «Conversions» blue box, you’ll see more detailed information about conversions.


You can see how each channel is performing, if we compare Conversions vs Smart Conversion AT, you’ll find which source is more effective based on our attribution algorithm. Easily you can see this difference in the column «Conversion Effectiveness».

Once we click on «Customer Journey» we find new click options.

If we click on «Clicks» Report, we see:

On this report you see, how many clicks from each source are ending up with a conversion.

For example, 93,334 clicks from google ads have ended up closing a conversion 779, 1202 are clicks that have influenced in conversions, and these conversions have been able to convert in google ads or other source. And finally, there are 543 customer journeys that started their journey with google Ads and end up converting in google ads or other source.

If you make a sum of first click + middle + last click + one click conversions = total of clicks of each source that have participated in journeys that finally ended up with a purchase.

We can go even deeper:

Clicking on «Channel Overview» you’ll see the same information that we’ve already explained, but with %.

Theses % tell us, from those clicks that ended up with conversion, what % corresponds to each stage or phase of the journey.

Next report, if we click on «Phase Overview», you’ll se how the clicks of each Stage or Phase are distributed:

For example, 23% of your first click conversions are coming from Google Ads.

Or, Direct has much more influence on the users than other sources, but even being a good «conversion closer», Google Ads is a good conversion closer AND conversion journey starter.

A good trick to understanding this report is: You have to read the report horizontally when you are in Channel Overview, and vertically when you click on «Phase Overview».




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