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Optimization Reports


Once Adinton calculates in real time the attribution of every single click in your web site, then it is able to make easy the complex, concentrating all the add value information in one single screen and advising you where to invest to boost conversions.

You can access to this information at Source, Campaign or Term (Keyword, Landing, Product & Content) levels.

Optimization Report & Graphic

1. Optimization Report: Adinton shows you per Source, Campaign or Term if one channel is Under invested or Over invested and you should take in consideration this information while investing.

  • Under Invested: if you continue investing in these sources means that you are investing smartly, and you will see really good results
  • Over Invested: Invest on these sources could means you are burning your budget (Unless your goal is different to generate conversions, like Branding campaigns)

Note: It`s important  to understand that this is statistical information based on attribution and that´s why you will see information for SEO or Direct perhaps you can´t take direct investment actions on these sources. Please focus on the other channels where you can really take actions

2.  Filter: Just type what you are looking for to filter in the table

3. Sources: Clicking any of the traffic sources, you will access to a full detail of the same and why Adinton does recommend or not this channel

4. Optimization Chart: Represents in a Graphic where to invest or not

Costs Optimization

1. Filter: Just type what you are looking for to filter in the table

2. Show: Customize the number of rows you would like to see in the screen (It´s important use this feature when you have a big number of traffic sources)

3. Download: Just click any of these buttons to download this table in Excel or PDF.

4. Customize: Click on this button to Show or Hide those columns you want to see

5. Your Costs: It´s possible import your costs in Adinton, just is required use our Adwords API, Import massively or Manually.

6. New Costs: Once you have imported your costs in Adinton, Adinton will use the attributed information to propose you new costs to boost conversions 🙂

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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