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Predictive Sales – Creating Audiences

Once Adinton is getting data from your web, it’s able to analyze each of your customer and detect behaviors that classifies them as a High or Low-quality user. All this is using the Bigdata & Machine learning technology and with the intention you can segment them through audiences and get instant benefit of this information.

Let’s see an example:

  1. See how Adinton Indicates that 1,654 are class “A” that means these users has visited your web, is interested to buy (Due his behavior compared with past sales indicates this) but they have not bought yet… It means x4 the business opportunity…
  2. See how 48% of your users does not have intention to buy something on your web. Are you paying the same for than for Class “A” users?
  3. There are two 2 clocks that indicates every day if Adinton is learning or ready to create audiences…
    • Success – Purchases A: Compare the users that have converted vs how Adinton has classified them as A… In the image we got a 73.49% (Leaning face) it indicates that 73% of the sales Adinton indicate they were a class A user before they bought.
    • Worse classified…: Compare the users that have converted vs how Adinton has classified them as F… In the image we got 99.99%, it indicates that 99% of the users classified as F as not bought yet

Note: These clocks are being updated on daily basis. We recommend start with Class A audiences once the Success clock is higher than 75% and worse click is higher than 95%.


There are 3 ways to create audiences with predictive sales information and you can select one, two or all of them to work with:

  1. Custom Dimensions (Google Ads Only)

Connect Adinton and Google Analytics to identify the users and assign them a classification, with this information we can create as many audiences as we need in Google Analytics that will be connected to Google Ads.

  1. Based email information (Google and Facebook Ads)

Once you have connected Adinton with Google and face ads, from audience sections you will able to create and personalize these Audiences. Basically, if a user has an email in Adinton, Adinton auto sent this email directly into

Google and Facebook Ads audiences

  1. Iframe solution (Any platform that allow custom audiences):

It requires create 6 different HTML files in which we will insert the pixel of the platform we would like to use these audiences. Once done, just indicate an Adinton the name of these files and Adinton will trigger the corresponding HTML (0x0) once it gets the scoring of this user.

Now you have your audiences created, you can start following those “A” for anywhere to increase sales and maybe paying XX% less for those “F” users. With both actions increasing sales and reducing costs… but you define the alternatives to use this data =).


Please let us know in case you may require further information to hello@adinton.com

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