Adinton – Basic Guide

In this guide you will see the different reports, tools and features that Adinton offers you.

Please click on the topic of your interest:

  1. Settings: This section allow you access to:
    1. Account Set up: Add your goals, activate auto bidding and personalize UTM’S
    2. Adinton tags: Customize your tags, Access to our partners plugins, Download tags
    3. Google and Facebook ads connection: Connect your google and facebook ads accounts
  2. User: Access to your business data
  3. Attribution Reports: get access to the main attribution reports that will allow you get a diagnostic of your business marketing
    1. Basic Reports
    2. Attribution Reports
    3. Funnel Reports
    4. Optimization Reports
    5. Offline Conversions
    6. Tracing Reports
  4. Auto Bidding: In this section you will see how Adinton bid suggestion and how Adinton is managing your bid strategy.
  5. Click fraud: Clicking on each report you will find the attributed information in different levels: Medium, Source, Campaigns, Terms, Device & Os.
  6. Predictive sales: Identify those users that want to acquire your service/product but has not converted yet vs those users that only does not want to buy you.
  7. Customer Intelligence: Get access to the main KPI’s of your business-like Live Time Value, CAC, Time to purchase, clicks to purchase and more data.
  8. Audience creator: Create audiences based on the quality of user or even considering how your users interacts with your web
  9. Reports section: In this section you will find the main reports or each area, please access into each area to get more details
  10. Tool section: Here you will be able to access in different areas: Account settings, Customize Referrers, Import manual costs, Import conversions, add payment gateways and more.

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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