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Adinton – Basic Guide

In this guide you will see the different reports, tools and features that Adinton offers you.

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  1. Products: You can find all Adinton products here:
    1. (Prv) Privacy/Audit: To track 100% of your website traffic without cookie consent.
    2. (Ci) Customer Intelligence: Improve your marketing decisions with instant access to data that is generally time-consuming and hard to calculate.
      Customer Intelligence: Get access to the main KPI’s of your business-like Live Time Value, CAC, Time to purchase, clicks to purchase and more data.
    3. (Ai) Audience Builder: You can do your best marketing when your audiences are grouped by buyer intent.
      Audience creator: Create audiences based on the quality of user or even considering how your users interacts with your web
    4. (Att) Attribution: Adinton Attribution software helps marketers identify the best performing advertising channels for the company.
      Attribution Reports: get access to the main attribution reports that will allow you get a diagnostic of your business marketing

      1. Basic Reports
      2. Attribution Reports
      3. Funnel Reports
      4. Optimization Reports
      5. Offline Conversions
      6. Tracing Reports
    5. (Bid) Bid Management: Bid Automation is an easy and simple auto-pilot bid management tool for GoogleAds and FacebookAds.
      Auto Bidding: In this section you will see how Adinton bid suggestion and how Adinton is managing your bid strategy.
    6. (Prd) Predictive Audience: Build unique audiences of your most valuable customer segments and use them across all marketing channels.
      Predictive sales: Identify those users that want to acquire your service/product but has not converted yet vs those users that only does not want to buy you.
    7. (Frd) Click Fraud: Detect and exclude fake clicks on your Google Ads through digital prints, IPs and user behaviors.
      Click fraud: Clicking on each report you will find the attributed information in different levels: Medium, Source, Campaigns, Terms, Device & Os.
  2. Account Selector: You can switch your accounts
  3. Settings: This section allow you access to:
    1. Auto Checkin: This tool check your tracker and conversion tag, costs and customer intelligence data.
    2. Account Set up: Add your goals, activate auto bidding and personalize UTM’S
    3. Tags & Api Info: Customize your tags, Access to our partners plugins, Download tags
    4. Connect to: Connect your google and facebook ads accounts
  4.  Administator:
    1. User: Access to your business data
    2. Accounts: You can manage your accounts here.
    3. Referrers: Add your payment referrers.
    4. Costs: Import from google ads and/or facebook ads or set manual costs.
    5. Import Conversions.
  5. User: Access to your business data
  6. Submenu: Expand any menu to access to submenu items.
  7. Filter zone: Set date range and country filters.

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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