Rules Builder


Perhaps Adinton does allow you use its own rules to boost conversions, also allow you to create your own rules. With this feature you will have a bot working for 24*7 and taking the actions you require to it.  These actions, can be since review activity in a period of time and notify you with an email or even check every hour a value or conditions and move the bids in base requirements.


Creating Rules

  1. Select if you will create a rule for Google Adwords “Search”, “Shopping” or “Content”
  2. What do you want Adinton do: Take Action or sent you an email notification?
  3. Select criteria to apply rules: At campaign or term level
  4. What are you looking to change: CPC Bid or Amount?
  5. Select the range of time you require Adinton takes the information
  6. Indicate to Adinton the number of hours it should wait to Act
  7. Select if you require Adinton acts Automatic or Manually
  8. Activation button
  9. Add any description
  10. Add your rules using any of Adinton Variables


If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions, you can access to our Common questions.

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