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Rules for not losing business opportunities in real time.

Imagine that your strongest competitor is out of game because they have their credit card rejected, or the web site down, of you have improve drastically the CRO of your landing pages and your CPA is going down, so you have an strong opportunity for selling like never before.

We can create a Rule where, Adinton can check hourly how is running the performance of all your keywords, and when Adinton detects that a keyword/s is/are performing specially well, Adinton increase the bid for achieving better positions.

The Rule are going to be triggered:

  • Period: 1 hour
  • Data Range: Today

The formula:

(Clicks_Keywords_Search_Adwords >100 OR HourOfTheDay>9) AND CostConv_Keywords_Search_Adwords<0.9*AdintonCPA_SetupData_Adinton AND AvgPosition_Keywords_Search_Adwords >1.3 AND SearchImpressionShare_Keywords_Search_Adwords<90

New Value: CpcBid_Keywords_Search_Adwords*1.05


If we analyze deeply the formula:

(Clicks_Keywords_Search_Adword>100 OR HourOfTheDay>9)

The formula are going to be triggered if the keywords have more than 100 clicks or  the well performance has been done in «business schedule».


The Adword Conversion Cost of today is going to be a good performer if it’s lower than 0,9xOurCPAGoal

AvgPosition_Keywords_Search_Adwords >1.3 AND SearchImpressionShare_Keywords_Search_Adwords<90

Obviously if the keywords are very well ranked and with a high impression share, we understand that it’s not necessary to increase the CPC of these keywords.

If you want to apply this rule to your Google Shopping Campaigns, you just need to replace «search» for «shopping» in each of the variables you want to work with.

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