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Set Up | Accounts & Costs

Use these options to Customize your account, add a new accounts, link your Adwords accounts or import your costs to Adinton.

1. Accounts: Using this menu you can Administrate your accounts or create new accounts.

  1. New Account: If you would like to add different domains or websites, use this button to add these websites in your Adinton account
  2. Account list: Here you will see the different websites or domains in your Adinton account
  3. Actions: Use these buttons to View, Edit or Delete your account. Also, you will be able to see the different rules at different levels (Keywords, clicks, conversions or landings)

2. Costs: Adinton can use your costs to Administrate the auto bidding portion, Calculate the CPA and ROI & Prose you new costs with its optimization reports.

There are 3 ways to import your costs:

A) Connect with Adwords

B) Import with a file (Bulk Method)

C) Import manually (One by one)

Please click on «3 ways to import your costs« to access in more details.

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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