Setting Adinton on Shopify

To set up Adinton conversion tracking on your Shopify store, you need to install the Adinton tracker custom plugin.


  1. Get the app install link from the Adinton developer team, and then click the link.
    For security reasons, custom install links expire after seven days. If your link expires, then Adinton IT needs to provide a new one.
  2. In your Shopify, to authorize the use of the app, click Install app.
    • So, you have to fill your shop Url as below:

    • After submit you have to click on Install app in this authorization screen:

    • Now is time to setup your app:
      1. Fill your tracking Id, you can find it in Adinton panel, sign on with your user and password and after go to setup > account set up > Domains and copy your namespace.

        Now paste it on textbox named tracking Id:

      2. Enable the plugin
      3. Save your settings

And then starts the magic! You have your Adinton plugin installed in your Shopify store. Happy tracking!

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