Time Variables at Adinton’s Rule Builder

We’ve just launched a series of new variables that will allow you to create more powerful and sophisticated Adwords Rules.

  • $DaysInMonth: When do you want to launch the rule? Every 21st?
  • $SpentDays: The total number of days that have already expired in the month.
  •  $DayOfWeek: Would you like to launch a Rule every Friday lowering your CPCs because your weekends aren’t profitable enough? Just set it up!
  •  $HourOfTheDay: Do you want to launch a rule every Friday at a specific time….say 23.59? Or do you want to launch a pool of Rules every day at 8pm or after 8pm?
  •  $DayOfYear: Particularly useful if you want to launch rules for the last 100 days of the year, for example
  •  $WeekOfMonth: With this option you’ll be able to automatically activate some rules based on how your monthly profit is looking.
  •  $WeekOfYear and $Quarter: Is it clear, isn’t it? 🙂
Now, You’re going to be able to launch your own personalized rules, WHENEVER you want.
As simple as it is Powerful

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