Tracing reports

This report contains the customer journeys of the visitors in your web. Click by click Adinton measures everything and matches those journeys with the corresponding users, cross domain & cross device using cookies, user ID, emails or any defined ID.

Whit this report you will be able to filter and find those journeys that you are looking for. Also, you will be able to see the steps taken by the customers until get a conversion or a micro conversion

1. Drop down menu and check box filters: Use these filters to easily find what you need, use drop down menu to filter Medium or Source and check boxes if you want to get those journeys with Conversions, Micro-conversions or even those trips in quarantine or blocked due click fraud proposes. Once you select those filters you need, click on Filter to run the report..

2. Personalized Filters: Use these filters to find trips by IP Address, Journey ID, Transaction ID, Email or UA Expanded. Once you select those filters you need to click on Filter to run the report.

3. Clear & Filter Button: Use these buttons to execute an action, clear or search

4. Export: Once you select any of the filters, then you will be able to use this button and export the report to excel

5. Journeys: Adinton will show you all the journeys per user and each journey will allow you to identify where it come from, the IP Address, User Agent (Platform), UA Expanded and the Referrer.

6. UA Expanded: Is the ID Adinton assigns per device and is unique

7. Referrer: This field indicates the landing where the Journeys starts

8. Conversions & Micro-conversions: Indicates the number of conversions or micro conversions per journey.

9. Details Button: Clicking on this button, you will be able to see the entire journey and the information taken by Adinton during a conversion or Micro conversion

a) Landing visited by the user

b) Micro conversion: Please do not forget that you can create as many micro conversions as your business needs

c) Conversion: Adinton does collect the information indicated in the conversion tag. Commonly Adinton does take the User Email, Amount & Transaction ID.

If after accessing on each topic, you still having questions you can access to our Common questions.

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