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Tracking Facebook Campaigns with Adinton

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager
  2. Go to the «Ads Manager»
  3. Select the «Ads» section
  4. Select all your available Ads
  5. Click on «Edit»
  6. In the new window, search the button “Create a new URL customized parameter/tag”
  7. In this new section, we recommend you to have the nex structure:
  8. Click on add Parameter/tag and add the next tags: [Key to Auto import costs in Adinton]
    • utm_term  {{ad.name}} 
    • utm_campaign_id  {{campaign.id}}
    • Note: Do not copy the «{{XX}}» parameters, please type and select the value from the drop down menu option
  9. Click on apply

Note: Once this step is finished, please make sure all your campaings are fully approve and runing accordigly (This extra steps is created as any change in your ads is being reviewed by facebook)

With this actions Adinton will be able to assign the relevant cost to your facebook campaings  and also will allow to have a detail of all your facebook campaings

Regards 😉

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