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This is one of the most simple and important menus as here you can find our tags, add your goals, select the auto bidding rules and connect  your Adwords account with Adinton.

1. My Profile: Edit your general information (User Name, change your password, add email to receive notifications, add your phone number and web site name)

2. Account Set Up:

  • UTM´s: If you use Google Tag Manager just click «Next» as there is no need to change parameters. But, if you use personalized UTM´s, then you can customize them here.
  • Goal Setup: Here it´s important add your goals – Budget, ROI, CPA, CPC Max and tag inactivity*
  • Adinton Rules: Here you can Activate or Deactivate the Auto Bidding rules in base of what actions you want Adinton takes to manage your budget. All these rules where specially created to achieve your goals!
    • Please note that Auto Bid Management rules should inactive/deactivated if you have not already connected Adinton to Adwords and updated your setup parameters accordingly

*Tag Inactivity: The value we recommend is 1 but each business is different. What Adinton does is that between click and click if users take more than this time, the last click will be considered as «page view» instead of «click».

3. Tags Information: Here you will find our tags (Tracking, Conversions, micro conversions, banners impressions & viewability).

4. Connect to: For linking Adinton with Adwords, you should click on this button and once a new page is opened just click on “Connection”. Adinton will open an screen to connect your Adwords account and you should connect it to get synchronized Adinton with your Adwords account.

This feature will help you to auto Import your costs from adwords and to activate the auto bid management feature (If you require more information about «How to Automate your adwords campaings with Adinton?», just click on the link).

Please ensure your auto bidding rules are deactivated previous to link your Adwords account: To deactivate… just click on you user, access on account set up, click on next 2 times and then ensure all the auto bidding boxes are in grey or disabled and click on submit.

If you have any doubt, we recommend you access to any of the next topics:

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