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What’s the difference between Adinton and tools like Google Analytics?

Adinton and other digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics has different nature.

Adinton analyses the adBehaviour of users individually by collecting clicks and conversion to increase conversion rate and make profitable those AdClicks that are wasted. On the other hand Google Analytics tracks your website traffic, giving you information to identify poorly performing pages with techniques such as funnel visualization, where visitors came from, how long they stayed or their geographical position.

Therefore the web interface, implementation, data collected, insights provided, use complexity, etc. are different. Nevertheless it is important to highlight that both tools are complementary in order to improve your Digital Business Intelligence.

Please find below the main difference according to different categories:


  • Easy implementation by using Universal Adinton URLs and a tracking code to count conversions
  • No technical supervisor is required
  • Advanced implementation are rapid to setup
  • One Tag on every page to track clicks and conversions
  • Technical supervisor is required
  • Complex advanced implementation required when filtering or tracking specific campaigns


  • Only collects data from adClicks done on your campaigns. Thus it doesn’t take into account direct and organic sessions
  • You can collect information about clicks and conversions post-conversion
  • Assisting clicks. Identifying which particular campaign, creative, banner, keyword… has contributed to conversions occurred in other campaigns, creatives, banners and keywords
  • Collects all traffic in your site, it doesn’t matter which medium or source do they come from these visitors
  • Last click conversion attribution. Thus conversion are assigned other different channels such as organic or direct.
  • Multiconversion measurement





  • Simple, complete and easy but efficient way for interpreting data. Especially when analyzing attribution models
  • Easy and complete interaction report
  • Time efficient analysis
  • Easy to navigate. In short period of time you can get familiar with the whole type of analysis and tool
  • Intuitive tables and graphics for better marketing decisions
  • Difficulties to find what you want. Big amount of data and reports, making difficult to get insights quickly
  • Great but complex customization reporting options
  • In site user behavior analysis


  • Remarketing of landing pages: we are able to know per individual user the real invest you made and according to their behavior we can redirect them to specific landing pages in order to create value out of any click.
  • Bidding rules: Adinton automatically optimize your investment by giving you insights based on your PPC campaign performance
  • Historical data: You will unlimited access to data collected
  • Data property: all data collected belongs to the client and no other third party.
  • Dedicated support service
  • Availability to create Remarketing lists based on users behavior. Google Analytics let you export these audience into your Adwords Campaign.
  • Integration with other Google Tools such us Adwords, Doubleclick, etc.

Sumarizing: Adinton is a complementary tool for Google Analytics and valuable in terms of:

  • cost of implementation
  • your time or resources availability to perform valuable insights
  • your data interpretation and reporting
  • your data property

But, if it’s not enough…

  1. Adinton will show you exactly how (for example) SEO impacts and interacts with all of your other marketing channels, one by one…the same with SEM, and affiliate and…

Adinton will also allow you to understand exactly how SEO, SEM and affiliate are assisted or influenced by all of your other marketing channels.

You can also see how, for example, your blogs affect and impact all of your other traffic sources.

To source this kind of information using GA would take a considerable time and number crunching, Adinton offers all of this analysis at your fingertips.

  1. While GA will allow you to switch between attribution models (last, first, decay, proportional), Adinton ‘s algorithm creates an individual and personalized model based on each user, taking into account not only clicks,but also pages viewed, bounce rate, microconversions and basket value. Consequently, two identical journeys could actually have two different «weightings» based on how the user has behaved once landing on the webpage.
  2. Adinton does not only allows you to measure and attribute by click, we also offer the option to track impressions, viewability and conversions that occur «post conversion».
  3. Using our own pixel, Adinton does not only tracks all the clicks and page views and the conversions and micro conversions of every individual user, but we can also «retroactively» match login details with each user to filter by mobile, tablet or desktop to create a multi-channel and multi device attribution model.
  4. Adinton offers a «rule builder» which allows you to create highly personalized and sophisticated bid rules from scratch, bringing in both Adwords and Adinton metrics to create powerful optimization.
  5. GA will not allow you to analyze which KWs, SEO landing pages , sources and devices are creating more/most new or recurring business. Adinton will…..
  6. Our attribution models are calculated in real time.
  7. Adinton can show you which impressions have been viewed and which have not….GA does not offer this.
  8. With Adinton it’s easy to calculate the conversion path: Click > Lead > Client. Absolutely vital for any business actively involved in lead generation campaigns.

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